SJ4000 Setup MenuSub MenuNotesResolution


SJ4000_setup_resolution_choicesThe resolution setup is for the video recording mode.  The default is 1080FHD 1920×1080.1080FHD 1920×1080 is 30fps the rest of the modes are 60fpsCyclic Record


SJ4000_setup_cyclic_record_choicesCyclic Record is for the video recording mode.  The default mode is Off.Off = Record 1 large video file stop recording when out of micro SD space or video file size reaches 4GB3, 5, 10 Minutes = Record the video file for the specified time.  Save the file and start a new file.  This process continues until out of micro SD space.  At that time the oldest is deleted and the recording continues.  Note: There is a 1 frame overlap between files.  The last frame of the file saved becomes the first frame of the new file.

If you are using this as a car cam you will want to enable this mode.  As it allows the SJ4000 to manage the video files always giving you a continuous recording with no intervention.



SJ4000_setup_HDR_choicesHDR is for the video recording mode.  The default is Off.Motion Detection


SJ4000_setup_motion_detection_choicesMotion detection is for video recording mode.  The default is Off.Recording (audio)


SJ4000_setup_audio_recording_choicesAudio recording is for video recording mode.  This turns the microphone on or off.  The default is On. Date Stamp (20)


SJ4000_setup_date_stamp_choicesDate Stamp (20) is for the photo mode.  The date and time will be put on the lower right of the photo in a red font.  The default is On.  This is the first of two Date Stamp menus.  This menu choice has a calendar icon with the number 20.  There is another Date Stamp option farther down the menu with the number 7.  That Date Stamp (7) allows you to turn off the date stamp and change the stamp format between date only or date and time.If you do not get a date stamp on your photos even when you have Date Stamp (20) On.  Please check Date Stamp (7) and make sure it is set to date or date/time and not set Off.Read my rant about this horrible GUI design here. Photo Size


SJ4000_setup_photo_size_choicesSJ4000_setup_photo_sizes_choices_2Photo size is the resolution for the photo mode. The default is 12M 4032×3024. Sequence


SJ4000_setup_sequence_choicesSequence is for the photo mode.  When Sequence is set On pressing the OK button to take a photo will cause the SJ4000 to take continuous photos until the OK button is pressed again.  This mode takes 1 photo every 3 seconds. The default is Off. Quality


SJ4000_setup_quality_choicesQuality is for the photo mode.  The default is Normal.Sharpness


SJ4000_setup_sharpness_choicesSharpness is for the photo mode.  The default is Auto.White Balance



SJ4000_setup_white_balance_choices_2The default is Auto.Color


SJ4000_setup_color_choicesThe default is Color.I could not get B&W or Sepia to work for photos or video on version 20131209.ISO


SJ4000_setup_ISO_choicesThe default is Auto.Exposure


SJ4000_setup_exposure_choices_4SJ4000_setup_exposure_choices_5SJ4000_setup_exposure_choices_5SJ4000_setup_exposure_choices_2SJ4000_setup_exposure_choices_3Exposure settings are for both photo and video.  You have the ability set the exposure from -2 to +2 in 1/3 increments.  The default is 0.Face Detection


SJ4000_setup_face_detection_choicesThe default is Off.Anti-Shaking


SJ4000_setup_anti-shaking_choicesThe default is off.Quick Review


SJ4000_setup_quick_review_choicesQuick review is for the photo mode.  Quick review sets the amount of time the photo will be displayed after it is taken.  The default is off.Date Stamp (7)


SJ4000_setup_date_stamp2Date Stamp (7) is for the photo mode.  This is the second Date Stamp in the menu.  This allows you to turn off the date stamp or choose the date stamp format.  However the other Date Stamp (20) menu setting must be On for the date stamps to show up. Rant: This is just horrible GUI design.  They have two menus with identical names.  And the two menus have conflicting settings.  You can turn On date stamps in the first menu but turn off date stamps in the second menu.  Had any thought been put into the GUI there would of only been 1 date stamp menu and it would of been this one which I call Date Stamp(7).  All the options are here.  Choose Off and there is no date stamp.  If you want to turn on a date stamp just choose one of the other two options Date or Date/Time.  Done deal.  Delete the other Date Stamp (20) from GUI. Lanugage




SJ4000_setup_language_choices_4The default language is English.Date Time


SJ4000_setup_date_time_settingsEnter the current date and time.  You can also change the display format.  The default display format is YY/MM/DD.  There are two other optionsDD/MM/YY

MM/DD/YYThis is an odd screen as the OK button will not close the screen it just jumps between the fields.  So you must press the Menu button to exit this screen.

If you pull out the battery you will need to reset the date time.

Auto Power Off


SJ4000_setup_auto_power_off_choicesThe default is Off.Beep Sound



The default is On.  Turning this off not only stops the beeps but also silences the shutter sound when taking photos.screensavers


SJ4000_setup_screensavers_choicesThe default is 1 Minute.  I was hoping for flying toasters but these options just power down the screen to conserve battery life.Frequency



The default is 60 Hz.Car Mode


SJ4000_setup_car_mode_choicesThe default is Off.  When Car Mode is On the SJ4000 will start video recording when the car starts up and shutdown when the car is turned off.  Please enable Cyclic Record Delete



SJ4000_setup_delete_erase_this_okDelete allows you to delete the current file or all files.Format



DSC04942The default is cancel.Bug: You might of noticed the GUI skin changed color.  The GUI skin text is white on blue until you format the micro SD card. Once formatted the GUI skin text is white on black.  The GIU will stay this way until the SJ4000 is power cycled.Default Setting



The default setting is cancel.If you choose OK all the setup menus will be reverted to factory defaults.Version


SJ4000_version_displayVersion numbers are just date stamps YYYY/MM/DD